I’m Marcus Bradbury a creative designer

This virtual showcase has a wide and varied collection of my graphic work created between two continents and many hours of teamwork. I have had the good fortune working for excellent clients, companies, agencies and of course with many talented people. Whether the work involves brand identity, publicity, packaging or editorial design work, success goes hand in hand with each of them. Living and working in England and Chile has been extremely challenging and rewarding. A very special thanks to all who have participated in this portfolio.

Words and images are the basic tools that graphic designers create with. In order to sell any product, whether it is food, a film, an event or an airplane, designers use those two elements in such a way as to provoke a subconscious reaction that should say “That’s interesting, I like it”. There are a myriad of factors involved in order to make it all work together and be successful, where the endgame has both the client and customer content.

Poster Design
Brand Identity